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Jamie DeWolf and Thadra Sheridan met one fateful evening in August at a bar in Minneapolis.  Their mutual love of caustic humor and brutal honesty developed into a lifelong friendship.  Over the years they have collaborated on countless projects, including poetry, performances, live shows, plays, workshops, prison appearances, and several tours.  They have both appeared on HBO's Def Poetry Jam and at San Quentin Penitentiary.  Thadra helped run Jamie's long-standing Oakland powerhouse vaudeville spectacle, Tourettes Without Regrets, directed a run of "In Spite of Everything," a  chilling play written and  performed by Jamie's performance troup The Suicide Kings, and orchestrated a collaborative tour with indie hip hop giants Sage Francis and Doomtree.  After a few years spent independantly exploring the cynical, spectacular, heartbreaking and profane, these two reunite to blend their unparalleled voices into one unstoppable force.


Thadra and Jamie bring to the table a collection of life experiences that call forth a truly hilarious, chilling, and rather unfortunately accurate representation of the American experience.  Each known for their up front honesty and razor wit, we find two victims of poverty and sexual assault, a child of alcoholism, a descendant of a notorious cult leader and con man, a sex addict, a neurotic, and two individuals uncomfortably familiar with depression, addiction, compulsion, codependancy, desperation, and a cornucopia of very bad ideas.  They channel their experiences into visceral, poignant and cutting work.  Theirs is a truly inspiring example of survival through art. They have worked most crap jobs, dated every freak that's out there, dragged themselves kicking and screaming through their lives, and I assure you, they WILL tell you all about it.


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